About Us

Home-Start Hillingdon was established at the beginning of 1999, and is based in Hillingdon, Middlesex.  This family support service for families in Hillingdon and the surrounding area was set up to offer a service, free at the point of access that would be available to all and completely independent of statutory agencies.

The scheme has 5 members of staff who work closely with a network of around 30 trained volunteers who carry out home-visiting support to families.


Home-Start Hillingdon recruits and trains local volunteers and carefully matches a volunteer to visit a family in their own home for a couple of hours a week.  All of the families we support must have at least one child under five.

Home Visiting Volunteer

Families tell us:

“My volunteer gives me confidence, encouragement to learn the language and mix with my community…”

“I say to Home-Start you are very intelligent you choose a lady who understands my experience and knows my culture so I don’t feel so strange, I feel like it is easy to speak with her.”

“The help and support I’ve received is honestly worth its weight in gold.”

“Having help and support so early on definitely made a difference to my daughter’s needs and my wife’s needs.”

“Home-Start is an absolutely fantastic package.”

“I’ve had lots of dealings with other organisations for my daughter’s needs but they don’t run half as well as this organisation”

“Home-Start never pushed anything on me I always felt things were my decisions I felt fully involved in the support I had”

“Other agencies provide clinical support without the caring, Home-Start provides both the appropriate support and the caring side”

“Home-Start saved me”

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